This Owl Jewelry magically captures the essence of each Owl Animal in necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. We hope you find the Owl Jewelry of your dreams.

I am an owl

I am an owl
Soaring over obstacles
Never fearful
Yet always watching
My guard never down

At my best in the night
Darkness is my closest companion
Being alone keeps me sane
Those few moments
That no else can see

Knowing a little more
A little faster
Not exactly book smart
Not exactly street smart
Something else

My true voice heard by few
Only at night
When I’m Alone
When I can’t hide
Where I don’t have to pretend

Trusting only few
Letting them see all of me
The real me
I let them in
But only a few

Always ready to help
Whenever Wherever
Whoever whatever
Anything that’s needed
I’d do it

Never letting myself weaken
Standing up for my beliefs
Soaring up and away
Always getting knocked back down
Flying right back up

I am an owl
Soaring, flying


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