This Owl Jewelry magically captures the essence of each Owl Animal in necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. We hope you find the Owl Jewelry of your dreams.


Pin your owl

Owls. Let’s start with the things we do know about them. They are solitary and nocturnal, on all continents except Antarctica, are federally protected in the United States and are known for their small beaks and wide faces. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s delve into the fun stuff!

This Vintage Owl Pin features mother and baby owl design shining with pave crystals and glimmering antique silver plating. Secured with a “c” clasp, the Mother and Baby Vintage Owl Pin Brooch Silver Crystal makes indispensable statement brooch piece for your spring collection and Mother’s Day gift.

Vintage Owl Pin

The Antique Owl Brooch features a silver tone antique finish heavily encrusted with round-cut blue and purple rhinestone crystals for a stunning sparkling look. Overflowing with personality, this Rhinestone Silver Antique Owl Brooch Pin breaths new life into your favourite looks. Secures with “c” clasp.

Antique Owl Brooch Pin


Owl Stretch Ring

A hole small and big
in it, here I am alive.
Look at me, warm and fuzzy
at night, jump in and dive.

Owl Stretch Ring

Bright light, in the morning
wait, then out my head will pop.
Bounce around for a bit
and later, can’t wait to belly flop.

Owl Stretch Cocktail Ring

This round flower cocktail ring features a rhinestone encrusted angry owl design with two layers of floral motifs.The flower owl stretch ring is crafted in silver plated alloy with a stretch band for adjustability and fits a variety of finger sizes.

rhinestone owl ring

Silver Owl Ring

This vintage cocktail ring features a large soaring owl design with round faceted glass crystal face and rhinestone decorated wings.The silver owl ring is crafted in silver plated alloy with a stretch band to fit most finger sizes.

owl ring