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An Ode To The Owl

Oh nocturnal owl,
The prettiest of all the fowls.
At sunset your eyes’ iridescency,
And as you’re lunar wings expand,
In the dark you shimmer brightly;
As there is no sound by the wings you fan.

Large eyes, body brown,
Dressed in a spotted gown;
Your tufts like the moon crescent,
Your holy appearance as wisdom is my present;
Warrior of light, advisor of the moon,
Annihilating demonic snakes,
As I see you will leave soon.
Whatever the world says about you is fake;
Because you are a nocturnal owl,
The prettiest of all the fowls.

Messenger of Athena, Vaahan of Laxmi,
Your beauty is felt close by me;
Because you are a nocturnal owl,
The wisest of all the fowls.


I pass by without sound

Flutter, shy, air aghast
I’m chilled by the wind, going fast.

I’m lightning, i’m hot and frightening
I pass by without sound, wings lightening.

Seeing the world, its brilliance
Swaths of land, sturdy, resillience.

For many hours, rest and content
Else, drop and flare, a gleeful descent.

owl ring

This Silver Owl Ring features an antique owl with dazzling rhinestone fur standing cautiously on a tree branch. Designed as a statement piece to create whimsical look, theStatement Rhinestone Antique Silver Owl Ring Stretchy is crafted of antique silver plated alloy.

Enamel Owl Ring

Pastel color and inspired design make this irrepressible Enamel Owl Ring a smart choice. Featuring a cute owl design plated of 14k gold and pave set with quality rhinestone crystals, the Cocktail Rhinestone Enamel Owl Ring Gold Stretch easily penetrate to your spring jewelry collection.

Vintage Owl Pin

This Vintage Owl Pin features mother and baby owl design shining with pave crystals and glimmering antique silver plating. Secured with a “c” clasp, the Mother and Baby Vintage Owl Pin Brooch Silver Crystal makes indispensable statement brooch piece for your spring collection and Mother’s Day gift.