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The Owl And The Fieldmouse

The owl ventured out from his barn perch
to search the forest floor.
To get some fresh air and exercise
and some fresh food for to score.
When all at once he saw a mouse
who looked just like the winner.
Thinking if he acted swiftly enough.
He would have his dinner.

The mouse was foraging near his home
amongst the leaves and clutter.
But then he saw the shadow appear
and heard the feathers flutter.
He knew right then to make his escape,
that he must keep his cool.
And foil the owls stealthy attack
and make him look the fool.

The owl came in fast and low.
His tallons as sharp as steel.
The mouse he feigned a sharp right turn,
then pulled a fast left wheel.
The owl flew past just a glance away
disgust upon its face’
The mouse ran home into its hole,
relieved to win this race.

And so it goes, the quest goes on.
Today the mouse is the winner.
The owl went back to its perch
with the rat he caught for dinner.


An Ode To The Owl

Oh nocturnal owl,
The prettiest of all the fowls.
At sunset your eyes’ iridescency,
And as you’re lunar wings expand,
In the dark you shimmer brightly;
As there is no sound by the wings you fan.

Large eyes, body brown,
Dressed in a spotted gown;
Your tufts like the moon crescent,
Your holy appearance as wisdom is my present;
Warrior of light, advisor of the moon,
Annihilating demonic snakes,
As I see you will leave soon.
Whatever the world says about you is fake;
Because you are a nocturnal owl,
The prettiest of all the fowls.

Messenger of Athena, Vaahan of Laxmi,
Your beauty is felt close by me;
Because you are a nocturnal owl,
The wisest of all the fowls.

Not Forever

Many do not know this owl.
He is quiet.
Sitting in a tree,
Seeking a mate.

Adjustable Owl Ring

Oh, he wants to meet one other.
She is way over.
Sitting in a tree,
Seeking a mate.

Crystal Owl Ring

Sleeping in dreams apart,
They hope.
Sitting in a tree,
Seeking a mate.

Gold Owl Ring

Owls themselves, they clean.
Owls themselves, they preen.
But often they find another,
With love, whom they smother.
Together they look quite neat.

Silver Owl Ring

See this world wise owl

Flutter, shy, air aghast
I’m chilled by the wind, going fast


I’m lightning, i’m hot and frightening
I pass by without sound, wings lightening

Seeing the world, its brilliance
Swaths of land, sturdy, resillience

For many hours, rest and content
Else, drop and flare, a gleeful descent



This adorable Enamel Owl Lapel Pin features a cute fat owl with enamel fur and eyes, and shining rhinestone crystal body. Create a lively look with this Pave Crystal Enamel Owl Lapel Pin Brooch Silver crafted of polished silver plated alloy. With “c” pin clasp.

This flexible Owl Leather Bracelet showcase a rhinestone owl head linked with two big glass crystals. Crafted in quality PU leather,this owl leather cuff bracelet is designed with a adjustable snap band for comfortable wear.

Owl Leather Bracelet

other colors as below:

Owl Leather Bracelet green



Majestic long ear tufts
erupt from my feathered head.
They are soft, colored puff
hued like burnt bread.

Many tall statues pass my domain;
blinking bright lights at me.
Cannot go near that terrain
as there is a wall I can see.

Astride Dilia, my kindly love-pal,
I am Leland, the Eurasian Eagle-Owl.

My sky is short and small.
Nothing around is hostile.
This place is all I recall.
In it, I’m alive. Here I smile.

owl ring